Body alarm reaction (BAR)


This is fast becoming the most talked about DVD in the Martial Arts.

 Many say they use BAR, but this IS THE REAL DEAL. This DVD is the definitive guide and training method to truly understand and utilise “shock” to render your opponent unable to continue.



This subject is very close to my Heart, having spent many painful years training and testing this to failure and moving the subject matter forward, breaking new ground and putting together what I firmly believe to be THE BEST starting point for any Self Defense situation.

None of this could have been achieved without the help, input, ton of work, dedication and rigorous field testing of Eddie Stokes.

If I were to choose one aspect of Martial Arts training above all others then Body Alarm Reaction (BAR) would be it. This is the most misunderstood subject and yet the most important.

Many people have discussed over the years the psychological and physiological aspects of a fight situation. The fight or flight syndrome. The chemical reactions that occur within the body when faced with danger and or potentially dangerous situations.

To my knowledge, no-one has addressed the problem of counteracting these adverse reactions. BAR successfully counteracts all of these physiological and psychological reactions.

First you need to understand what is happening.
Let’s take a simple example:
You are in the chip shop on a Saturday night and some idiot decides it is time for you to take a beating.
Leaving aside the whys and wherefores of choosing you as his target, let’s analyse what happens next.
Your attacker has already gone through the tunnel of decision making; Can I beat this guy? Will I get hurt?
He has assessed the potential risks to himself and decided he will win.
He must have, no-one picks a fight they think they will lose!

His body has already gone through the adrenal rush, the panic, the tunnel vision etc.

He has already experienced the fight or flight syndrome.

He has already experienced all those things that together we think of as fear, not only has he experienced it all, he has decided to get you.

He is heading towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

Well, BAR, transforms that light at the end of the tunnel to the headlight of you charging towards him. 

It puts your attacker right back at the beginning of that decision process, it buys you time!

Time is a commodity that you desperately need and rarely have in a fight.

From the experience of hundreds of Doorman, Martial Artists and members of the public that have been taught BAR, the average time that has been gained is up to 6 seconds.

In other words, once you put BAR into your opponent, he is unable to react or fight back for anywhere up to 6 seconds.

Just imagine what can happen in 6 seconds!

You will know when you experience it.

You will never forget the feeling.

We have detailed for you the best way to train BAR and the best follow ups to use for people with no training in the martial arts whatsoever.

What people are saying

i used this every night – working the doors

This is the most simple to use and yet devastating moves you could every learn. I was a part of the testing process for this material. Training directly with Russell and the man mountain that is Eddie Stokes. Just ask Steve Kelly about the knuckle duster training sessions!

Paul Butlin – Former Pro Heavyweight Boxer

Once you truly understand how you can affect the balance of your opponent and keep yourself perfectly balanced at the same time, your skills will sky rocket.

Imagine this for a moment: Your opponent is bent over completely off balance. You are in perfect balance and position to land your best strike – how much have your odds of winning just increased.

The same applies if you are looking for the takedown or the throw – or even a quick escape. The possibilities are endless once you are armed with this devastating information.

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