Balance points

The lost art of body physics

This DVD, filmed in December 2010 details the Balance Points of the body and the correct training method required.

You WILL learn how to take your opponent down with absolute ease. The previous version DVD is packed with information and was filmed digitally on Sunday Dec 7th 2003. This DVD is absolutely PACKED with information.

Before making these DVD’s I had conducted somewhere in the region of 360 Seminars based on this very subject.

So many people did not understand exactly how and why the body is actually balanced and more importantly, how to utilise that information to your own benefit.

These DVD’s take you on a guided tour of the Balance Points of the Body and gives ALL the drills you need to add this amazing information to your Art.

What people are saying

so simple to apply

Balance Points by Russell Stutely is the Lost Art of Body Physics explained in a simple, clear, concise way. It makes the learning process so simple it is amazing. There is something for everyone on this DVD.

Anthony Blades – 6th Dan Shotokan

Once you truly understand how you can affect the balance of your opponent and keep yourself perfectly balanced at the same time, your skills will sky rocket.

Imagine this for a moment: Your opponent is bent over completely off balance. You are in perfect balance and position to land your best strike – how much have your odds of winning just increased.

The same applies if you are looking for the takedown or the throw – or even a quick escape. The possibilities are endless once you are armed with this devastating information.

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