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who else wants to take their skills to a completely new level in just one week - with the best pressure point training on the planet?

World's Best Training

Better than any other method

It is an established fact that NOTHING BEATS live training.

Now is your chance to train for one full week direct with the Worlds Leading Pressure Point Fighting Coach – in an intensive Pressure Point Fighting Training Camp.

November 12th to 16th 2018

Phnom Penh



The training camp is open to all grades and styles.

Training times are 10.00 to 14.30 each day with a 30 minute break at 12.00.

Subjects covered but not limited to will be:

  • Pressure Points and their applications
  • Power Striking
  • Standing Grappling / Takedowns
  • Ground finishes
  • Kata Bunkai
  • much more

Students who are part of our online training courses, will also have the chance to grade at the end of the week.


Prokout Fitness & Fight Center
#2, National Assembly Boulevard
Sangkat Tonle Bassac
Khan Chamkarmon
Phnom Penh


If they wish to spectate only, then yes. If they are training, then they have to enroll on the training camp.

Yes, if there are 5 or more in a group, then there is ONE FREE Place. e.g 4 people together = no discount.

5 people together = 1 free place, i.e pay for 4 get 5.

That’s great – well done. The fact that you are qualified elsewhere, means that you probably know the gaps within your current training methods.

We will cover all those gaps and much more during this week.

You need to check, depending on the Country you are from.

USUALLY there is a Visa on arrival for 30 days.

REMEMBER: Take a pen, passport photo and 25-35 USD in EXACT change with you on the plane.

This will mean that you speed through customs on arrival – as you can complete all the paperwork required on the Plane.

There are 2 types of Visa.

If you are planning on visiting other Countries – get the E VISA ($35USD). It allows for multiple entries.

If you get the other one, you have to buy another one each time you come back.

As long as you let us know what you want to learn – then yes.

We want this week to be ALL ABOUT YOU. 

It is about YOU getting the information that you need and want.

Ask the questions and they will be answered.

It depends entirely on how much you want to spend. There are excellent hotels very close to training for 20-40 USD per night inc Breakfast. We recommend using or similar.

Basically, everything is in USD. For change under 1USD, you will get local currency of Riel:  4100 Riel = 1 USD

I am over 50 as well – so do not worry.

Even though the training is considered extreme in its potential for damage – we have never killed anyone yet! 🙂

NOTHING is more important than the safety of you and your training partner.

Absolutely yes.

There is so much to see and do it is incredible.

Cambodia is a wonderful Country with some amazing sights.

Most attendees do indeed make this a vacation as well.

The BEST way is by Tuk Tuk.

Once here – buy a local SIM Card for a couple of dollars and download the following apps to your phone:

  • Passap
  • Grab Taxi

With these you book your tuk tuk / rickshaw and they will take you to wherever you booked to go.

No-one gets ripped off by these.

It will cost about 1-2 dollars per trip.

Book now

The cost for training is only $600.00.

Obviously, flights, hotels etc are your own responsibility.

The price will go up to $1000.00 on October 1st, so book early to get the earlybird price.

Places are also limited – so if the book now button is gone – too late!