Pressure Point Fighting Course (PPFC)

Pressure Point Fighting Course (PPFC)

The Pressure Point Fighting Course (PPFC)


This Is Your Chance To Learn Pressure Point Fighting From The World Leader

BECOME A FULLY QUALIFIED PRESSURE POINT FIGHTING INSTRUCTOR This powerful Online Training Course is designed specifically to take you from where you are now to FULL Instructor Status within my system.
MASSIVELY INCREASE YOUR SKILLS All our members are enjoying the benefits of massively increased skills and abilities. You will too, within just a few short hours of learning this material.
DOUBLE YOUR STRIKING POWER This is perhaps the most surprising bonus of learning our material. You WILL Double your impact and yet halve the effort required!
UNDERSTAND HOW TO APPLY YOUR TECHNIQUES FOR REAL SELF DEFENSE The principles that we teach can be applied to ANY Art immediately! This makes it super quick and easy to apply for REAL Self Defense!

Russell Stutely


I have been involved in Martial Arts and Self Defense practically all my life.

My various courses have become required learning at nearly 100
Police Academies and with over 30,000 Security Officers a Year.

This is no accident – My systems work and they work fast!

World Leader - Pressure Point Fighting OCFM International Coach PPDT International Instructor Cop Tactics Master Instructor Black Belts In Various Systems Fighter Trainer

My Pressure Point Fighting Course is not about sport, it is not about Martial Arts Ceremony and it is not about a MMA Fight!

It is, quite simply, the best Pressure Point for REAL Fighting training on the Planet!

My system has been saving lives of Police Officers, Security Officers and people just like you for over 20 years!

I know that by reading this you want the very best.

I have been involved in Martial Arts pretty much all my life. I have met with, trained with and am friends with some of the greatest names out there in their respective fields.

I can tell you now THIS INFORMATION is what they really like and what they can really use.

Adding this information to their own Art has transformed it!

What about an MMA Guy?… Some people ask.

So what is my usual reply… listen, the top sports fighters in any combat sport are TOUGH TOUGH Guys who could beat most anyone on the street EASILY… As long as that guy on the street plays by their rules!

  • Fact: MMA is a SPORT
  • Fact: A sport has Rules, and nice soft mats
  • Fact: There are NO RULES in the street, and no mats – it’s HARD CONCRETE

These are facts you cannot argue with.

I am the first to admit that a tough, conditioned and trained combat athlete has the potential to be one of your worst nightmares in a real fight.

But you know what?

You can be their worst nightmare too!

Just imagine what it will feel like to KNOW that you can hit HARDER than a Professional Fighter outweighing you by up to 75lbs.

Just imagine how confident you will feel when you know EXACTLY where to strike for the MAXIMUM effect – sending the thug crashing to the floor unconscious.

Utilising the principles in my system you will learn how to beat these guys.

With extremely nasty, evil and life-changing techniques that are simply not trained for in a sporting Gym.

I KNOW this… I train professional fighters!


Have A Look At Some Of What You Will Learn:

Balance – Why this is the KEY Starting Point in any Martial Arts and Self Defense Training
Learn to hit REAL HARD & Learn where to hit for the BEST EFFECT – Now, you are getting years and years of research, development, field-testing and good hard training condensed into an online training course that WILL TRANSFORM YOUR SELF DEFENSE SKILLS! Simply follow along with the step by step Instructions and watch your POWER and IMPACT grow in minutes. Many people have DOUBLED or even TREBLED their Power and yet at the same time HALVED the effort required!
Live examples of the right and wrong way to generate MASSIVE Impact…. thereby helping to cement the learning experience at a faster rate
Pressure Points – How and why they work for Martial Arts and Self Defense
Exact Locations shown, explained and demonstrated so that YOU can simply follow along, step by step, and learn this devastating material VERY quickly.
How to utilise more than one point together – learn destructive combinations that no one can resist!
When and how to apply this material… see the difference LIVE
How to Short Circuit the body, ensuring a near “rag doll” state in your attacker.
How to use the Placement technology to hit parts of the body that will crumple 300lb guys with ease.

This amazing material has been incorporated into a STEP – BY – STEP follow along online Course.

You will be guided EVERY step of the way. Nothing has been left to chance.

My team of Coaches around the World are on hand to offer help, advice, guidance and to critique your lesson plans online.

Then as you pass each level, you will immediately have access to the next lesson plan.

At the end you will receive a certificate of completion and can be registered as one of my World Recognised Pressure Point Instructors.

Remember: I am not a belt factory.

I know there are many organisations out there who are willing to make people an Instructor for a few bucks.

That ain’t never going to happen with me.

If you make the grade with me, then you KNOW that you have earned it.

Each lesson is designed to add to the skills learned previously.

You simply keep adding the information together as you progress.

You will have video lessons every inch of the way, along with written documentation to support the learning process.

Added to this is the invaluable insights, help and guidance of my incredible Coaching Team.

What People Are Saying


“I have been a personal student of Russell Stutely for some 14 years now. During that time I have appeared on many DVDs with Russell, advanced my training beyond anything I could have imagined, opened my own OCFM School, become an OCFM Coach, conducted my own Seminars and achieved more than I ever thought possible. I have met some of the Worlds top Martial Artists who are now in my Mobile under their First Name! This is all thanks to Russell Stutely, a friend, Coach and Mentor.. not only to me but to many others!”


Steve Kelly

OCFM International Coach


THIS IS WHAT EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW “When you know PRESSURE POINTS on the Human Body as only Russell teaches, you literally know how to DESTROY a Man’s Physical Circuitry with your Bare Hands.''


Scott Bolan

Author, Speaker and Elite Martial Arts Coach

What You Will Receive


PPFC Online Course


50 Online lessons That can be viewed anywhere with an internet connection on any device.


Everything You Need


The full package of all that you need to succeed. Online lessons, paperwork and available on ALL Devices 24/7.


Elite Members Area


This will include your Lesson plans PLUS Each individual lesson will be laid out for you… step by step! And ALL the paperwork required as well!


PPFC Paperwork


The Pressure Point Fighting Course Manuals, Assessment Sheets and Lesson Plans (PDF Download)


This is a DIGITAL ONLY Online Training Course with FREE DVD/USB International Delivery.

Please choose your FREE Delivery option.

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