PPDT Local Instructor

Paul Lamb
• 15 years’ experience planning and conducting a wide variety of close protection and tactical police operations
• Iraq High Threat PSD Team Leader Mobile Security, Iraq MEV valid 2015
• International Police Instructor for Use of Force, defensive tactics, firearms training, VIP & Force Protection
• Instructor Pennsylvania Sheriff’s Academy for Use of Force, defensive tactics, scenario based training
• 20 plus Operational tours as a private contractor in Middle East and Africa in support of counter piracy operations
• Proficient in all aspects of planning and conducting maritime security operations and tactical police operations
• Qualified instructor for small arms, defensive tactics, use of force, and basic first responder medical actions
• Certified Instructor through Department of Homeland Security for Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings
• Tactical Combat Casualty Care / TCCC Certified Combat Life Saver

I have been training in Martial Arts and Combatives for over 25years in multiple facets. I worked with Russell in Las Vegas at one of his Instructor Seminars where I became one of his certified Instructors. I learned a wealth of knowledge from Russell and I would like to pass on the lessons I have learned to others. I have also added many of his techniques and principles in training foreign Police and military professionals.

Eddie Emmanuel

Bunkai Jutsu Coach,

1st Kyu Kodokan Judo,

Amateur Boxing Association Coach,

3rd Dan Wado Ryu Karate Do,

4th Dan Jissen Karate Jitsu

UK: 0789 565 8000
Craig Burman

Started training in Judo age 9, then continued to learn, Boxing, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, BJJ & Muay Thai Kickboxing.

Attending every seminar I could to learn all styles of no BS fighting.

At 15, I was knocking around Kings Cross in Sydney and then over 20 yrs with outlaw bike clubs, have done Door work, Debt collection and the like.

Growing up in the school of hard knocks, constantly training & testing my skills taught me what actually worked on the street.

1990 started teaching friends my blend of  street combat. 1995 opened CBK Street Combat on the mid north coast of NSW, a blend Kickboxing & Street Fighting.

The last 21 yrs I’ve focused on reality based systems, training with Australian SAS & US Special Forces Instructors and anyone else that could teach me real tactics & principles for personal protection.

In 2002 I founded Close Quarter Street Combat. With over 40 yrs experience I’m passionate to teach you real Personal Protection.

Private Lessons & small groups available; CQSC, Kickboxing, Survive Violence Seminars for Women, Bully Proof Kids,

Empowering Youth Programs and Comply & Control for Security.  

Address, Marsden Cres. Port Macquarie 2444 NSW.  Ph 0413 527 181. Open Mon – Fri  6am – 7pm. 


www.streetdefence.com.au Craig@StreetSelfDefence.com.au

0413 527 181
Ragnar Fagervold

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Also a 3rd Dan Karate

Paul King

Paul is a well known and respected Martial Artist, with many years experience.

Having known Russell for 22 years and trained with him on numerous occasions his knowledge of all subjects is very well versed.

Paul has a full time Martial Arts Centre in Peterborough

07447 656118