Paul Lamb

Paul Lamb
Paul Lamb
• 15 years’ experience planning and conducting a wide variety of close protection and tactical police operations
• Iraq High Threat PSD Team Leader Mobile Security, Iraq MEV valid 2015
• International Police Instructor for Use of Force, defensive tactics, firearms training, VIP & Force Protection
• Instructor Pennsylvania Sheriff’s Academy for Use of Force, defensive tactics, scenario based training
• 20 plus Operational tours as a private contractor in Middle East and Africa in support of counter piracy operations
• Proficient in all aspects of planning and conducting maritime security operations and tactical police operations
• Qualified instructor for small arms, defensive tactics, use of force, and basic first responder medical actions
• Certified Instructor through Department of Homeland Security for Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings
• Tactical Combat Casualty Care / TCCC Certified Combat Life Saver

I have been training in Martial Arts and Combatives for over 25years in multiple facets. I worked with Russell in Las Vegas at one of his Instructor Seminars where I became one of his certified Instructors. I learned a wealth of knowledge from Russell and I would like to pass on the lessons I have learned to others. I have also added many of his techniques and principles in training foreign Police and military professionals.

  • Paul Lamb
  • Paul Lamb