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Craig Burman

Started training in Judo age 9, then continued to learn, Boxing, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, BJJ & Muay Thai Kickboxing.

Attending every seminar I could to learn all styles of no BS fighting.

At 15, I was knocking around Kings Cross in Sydney and then over 20 yrs with outlaw bike clubs, have done Door work, Debt collection and the like.

Growing up in the school of hard knocks, constantly training & testing my skills taught me what actually worked on the street.

1990 started teaching friends my blend of  street combat. 1995 opened CBK Street Combat on the mid north coast of NSW, a blend Kickboxing & Street Fighting.

The last 21 yrs I've focused on reality based systems, training with Australian SAS & US Special Forces Instructors and anyone else that could teach me real tactics & principles for personal protection.

In 2002 I founded Close Quarter Street Combat. With over 40 yrs experience I'm passionate to teach you real Personal Protection.

Private Lessons & small groups available; CQSC, Kickboxing, Survive Violence Seminars for Women, Bully Proof Kids,

Empowering Youth Programs and Comply & Control for Security.  

Address, Marsden Cres. Port Macquarie 2444 NSW.  Ph 0413 527 181. Open Mon - Fri  6am - 7pm.

0413 527 181
Eddie Emmanuel

Bunkai Jutsu Coach,

1st Kyu Kodokan Judo,

Amateur Boxing Association Coach,

3rd Dan Wado Ryu Karate Do,

4th Dan Jissen Karate Jitsu

UK: 0789 565 8000
Gary Bishop

instructor and 2nd Dan black belt in kravmaga in Israel

Level 10 s.d.t.s. with self defence company // police combative// weapons and tactics

Kali and Silat training edge weapons training. Under Doug marcaida.

Member of international society of close quarter combative

Jason Winget

Jason L. Winget 7th Dan Budo Taijutsu Self Defense Expert Owner: OCFM-Ada Head Instructor: WNPS Dojo
John Burke

Started training in 1981, finally started to make sense of  the martial arts after encountering Russell Stutely. These days I teach Karate full-time and have authored 5 books and over 50 DVDs of practical applications to this art that I love. I teach in Devon, but also in seminars where-ever I am invited. I have taught in the UK, Europe, and Japan. I teach people from various styles of Karate, as the principles that bind us are stronger than the politics that drive us apart. Aiki and Jujutsu people also attend our seminars - even if you don't do kata you're going to train in some nice techniques. Have a look at for a taste of what I teach, and if you like what you see then give us a call to discuss your requirements More info: Seminars are by arrangement, usually a Saturday, Sunday, or the whole weekend. If more than 4 hours travel from Devon I will require accommodation, too. We will cover subjects of your choice, but usually principles of Kata Bunkai.

Karate Academy
07939 416984
01626 360999
John Gaynor
  • President of the Aikido Union England.
  • 6th dan Aikido Budo,(AUE).
  • OCFM International Coach
  • PPDT International Coach
  • UKMAA Personal Safety Specialist.
  • Chief Instructor @ Aikido Union England
  • Chief Instructor Rising Spirit Aikido.
John Scali

John completed the Platinum Training Program.

His School is located at:

9705 Liberia Avenue
Virginia 20111

Master John Scali is the owner and chief instructor of the Self Defense America of Virginia. The school has been in operation since 1995.

Teaching students (teen through adult) how to defend themselves in any situation that may encounter. Simple to apply but highly effective.

Serving a diverse group clients ranging from military, police, first responders, business executives, teachers and college/high school students.

Nearly 30 years of self defense and martial arts training, Master Scali has been teaching the Combat Hapkido Self Defense System since 1994.

Currently, Master Scali is an Adjunct Professor at Northern Virginia Community College. In addition to his expertise in teaching Combat Hapkido, Master Scali is a certified OCFM coach and has trained in Tang Soo Do, Taekwondo, Small Circle Jijutsu and Pressure Point theory and application.

Master Scali is a retired naval officer with over 20 years of active duty service.

Awards and Accomplishments

  • Licensed Master Instructor by the International Combat Hapkido Federation
  • Licensed International Police Defense Tactics Instructor
  • Certified Sixth Dan in Combat Hapkido
  • OCFM Coach
  • 1st Dan Pressure Point Fighting
  • Vice-President of International Combat Hapkido Organization
  • Virginia State Director for the International Combat Hapkido Federation
  • Budo Magazine Master of the Year (2006)
  • Inducted in the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame — Regional Instructor of the Year
  • Pressure Point Defensive Tactics Certified Instructor
  • Member of the Internal Self Defense for the Disabled
Mikki Krepelka

A graduate of the Russell Stutely Black Belt Course and the OCFM Coaching Program.

Muay Thai Trainer