Hosting A Seminar

Russell Stutely will ONLY accept a Seminar Booking from dedicated and serious Martial Artists

The information that you will receive is of the highest quality and can be applied to both the sporting and self defence sides of any Martial Art.

Pressure Points are a much misunderstood subject, with too many myths, untruths and in some cases outrageous claims being made about how and why they work.

Russell specialises in making a difficult subject easy to understand, easy to replicate and therefore easy to teach.

The Seminars are conducted in a true learning environment, packed with information that is critical to your growth as a Martial Artist.

Style is also irrelevant, as Russell teaches YOU how the body works and how to apply YOUR Art to make it that much more effective.

You do not have to learn a whole new system. You simply add this information to your chosen Art, seamlessly and efficiently.

Subjects Covered in a Seminar

  • Balance Points
  • Players to the Game
  • Pressure Points for Fighters
  • Pressure Points for Self Defence
  • Waveforms (Massive Power Generation)
  • Pressure Point Kata Bunkai

Choose any or all subjects for your Seminar

Master Russell Stutely Seminar Hosting Fees:

  • Seminar Fee (3 Hours max.) – $3500.00 + Full Expenses
  • Weekend Training at your Gym – $9000.00 + Full Expenses

Payment to be made as follows:

  • 50% Deposit and all Travel tickets to be supplied at least 21 Days in Advance.
  • Balance Payable 7 working Days prior to Seminar
  • In the first instance you need to Contact Us with the Subject: Seminar Host Enquiry
  • Click on the Contact us Button on the Footer Menu

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    Russell Stutely is the World Leader of Pressure Point Fighting.
    His products are distributed all over the World and he is constant demand for Seminars, Workshops and Courses for the Police, Security, Corporate and Martial Artists.
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