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Pressure Point Knockouts Made Easy

What People Are Saying:

Bob Sykes Martial Arts Legend - Editor MAI Magazine

“I asked Russell to film his original PP K.O DVD at my Club in Huddersfield.
Mainly because many other experts had been there and failed!
Russell was such a success that I volunteered to intro the DVD and take part.
I can pay no higher compliment that that.

Vaclav ''AKA Bart'' Skramach Former Fighter and Student

“I have trained personally with Russell on a regular basis. He helped me become a Professional Boxer and MMA Fighter with nearly 60 fights in total before I retired due to my knee injuries.
His information and training methods created THE BEST TRAINING of my life.
I can only say this - EVERYTHING HE TEACHES WORKS - Not just the K.O's BUT EVERYTHING"

What Are Pressure Point Knockouts?

Well, to put them in simple easy to understand terms.. they are UNLIKE a typical K.O that you would see in Pro – Fighting for example (ONLY AT LOW POWER LEVELS) as they affect the Meridians and energy of the body instead of the usual “brain shake” of a standard K.O

Remember: This is a very BASIC explanation and there is MUCH MORE to the Science than the above… especially when a Point is over a specific Nerve Cluster / Artery etc… and even more so, when you add in the power levels that you would use in a REAL fight.

Then you have the added bonus of BOTH TYPES of K.O working together.

​There is a very simple reason WHY we teach you how to do a Pressure Point Knockout at LOW Power Levels..... What part of being knocked unconscious sounds like it is good for you to you?

Any knockout, no matter how low in intensity is BAD for you and could cause some kind of head trauma / brain damage etc.

This is why, included in this DVD, is the correct safety procedure when learning this material.

Now, of course, in a real fight you are going to use MUCH more power and ADD this information to your strike.

  • What Are These points?

Like any CONTACT sport there are obvious dangers when training something like this.
As I always say, being unconscious for ANY reason is not a good thing.
IF you follow the safety protocols and keep the power levels VERY low, then it is as safe as it can be.
REMEMBER: In training it is better to hit TOO LIGHT AND GET NO REACTION than to hit too hard and cause damage.
Common sense and treating your training partner as you would want to be treated should prevail.

​I have been teaching this material in Seminars and Training Camps all over the World for nearly 20 years now.

I KNOW that the information on this DVD will enable you to achieve Pressure Point Knockouts. But remember this.... To achieve ANY knockout in a real fight, you must also possess the skills to do so!

What is on this DVD?

  • Detailed Explanation of how and why PP K.O’s work
  • The best and safest training methods
  • How to utilise this information in your Art
  • EXACT and detailed instruction to achieve K.O’s

Important Information

I can't stress enough that you MUST practice these methods with due care and attention for your training partner.
I have been doing this for a long time and know exactly how hard to hit to demonstrate the desired effect WITHOUT causing injury.
YOU MUST follow the safety protocols that are shown.

To Make This An Absolute No-Brainer

You can have my NO quibble 100%, 60 Day FULL Money Back Guarantee.
This DVD has sold just over 18000 copes Worldwide and to date NO-ONE has ever requested a refund.
That is why I offer one!

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