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Take Your Skills To The Highest Level

Paul Mracek

 OCFM International Coach 


I joined the Platinum Program several years ago and have gone on to become an International OCFM Coach. I have over 30,000 students a year going through the training courses I have been able to develop thanks to this training. If you truly want to succeed in your Martial Arts, then Russell and his Program is the only way to do it.

Over 300 Online Lessons

Simply follow along the step by step lessons in your Members Area. They are designed specifically to help you progress as quickly and efficiently as possible. Nothing has been left to chance.

Enrol a Buddy FREE

Training on your own, can be a difficult task. We got you covered! You can also enrol a Training Buddy FREE of charge. They receive all the DIGITAL Downloads and Access to the Lessons as well. They can even qualify as an OCFM Coach.

Join The OCFM Family

What makes us stand apart is not just the FACT that we have the best training systems available - BUT ALSO the fact that our Family of OCFM Coaches from a wide range of disciplines are here to ALSO help you - every step of the way.

DO NOT be left behind.

To paraphrase an old saying: ''The Boat IS Leaving -  Get Aboard''

Why The Platinum Training Program Works

Everything is designed around you!



This Course has been PROVEN to be the Worlds MOST EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT Method to achieve true Pressure Point Fighting Mastery. Over 300 lessons and 60 DVD's PACKED with information. Nothing comes close - nothing left to chance.



We have thought of everything for you. Each lesson can be downloaded to view on ANY Device, Anywhere and Anytime. If you have internet access at your Gym, simply login and follow along each lesson as you train. Build and transform your skills in minutes.



As a member of the OCFM Family of Coaches and Coaches - In - Training, you have joined a Martial Arts Family with one main consideration. Helping everyone in that Family become the best that they can be. You will receive incredible support, advice, guidance & benefits galore when you join.

You Will Be A Pressure Point Fighting Expert

Our Systems And Guidance Will Ensure That

''I have dedicated my life to the correct teaching of Martial Arts in general and Pressure Points in particular. To that end, I have travelled the World, trained with the best and truly earned my stripes, as they say.

The last 20 years (and still ongoing) I have been refining my Coaching skills to ENSURE that the information I pass on, works quickly, easily and effectively. It is of paramount importance that the skills you have MUST be increased dramatically - and that is a PROMISE!

The Platinum Program is not just about Pressure Points - It is a course that is designed to help EACH AND EVERY aspect of your Martial Arts & Self Defense Training.

You will learn how to hit with DRAMATIC and LIFE-CHANGING POWER in all your strikes. Your Locks will become excruciating. Your Throws and Takedowns will become TRUE FightStoppers. Your SPEED and TIMING will be transformed.

THIS is your chance to LEAP to the next level and way beyond anything you could have dreamed of.''

Russell Stutely


Become the best that you can be. Transform your Martial Arts & Self Defense Skills. Achieve TRUE Pressure Point Fighting Mastery.

Is The Platinum Program Right For You?


 Jason Winget 

 OCFM Coach 


I already had a pretty good reputation within the Martial Arts. I kept hearing about this Russell Stutely guy and these Pressure Points. I then heard he was in the USA teaching Cops and asked if I could come along too. That day was a GAME CHANGER! I joined on the spot and have never looked back. Other OCFM Coaches like John Gaynor (aka Whip) were ALWAYS there to help. Which is how I was able to progress and beats whips record! Thanks Russell and Whip for everything!

Who Is This For

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    Martial Artists with REAL drive and determination to become the best that they can possibly be
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    Those who want to better themselves and help others achieve the same goals
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    Those who KNOW there is so much more to learn and have the desire to do just that

Who Is This Not For

  • Moaners, Groaners and people who think the World owes them something.
  • Those who think they will pass, just by joining the Program. We do not work that way. EARN IT!
  • Know It Alls - Who think everything they do is perfect and will not accept help and guidance.

What You Will Receive

FULL and Immediate Access to the World Famous - Russell Stutely Platinum Training Program.

NORMAL PRICE $4995 - Now ONLY $2495

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    Over 300 Online Lessons - Step by step guidance
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    Over 50 Hard Copy DVDs - Delivered Direct To Your Door
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    Over 50 Digital DVD Downloads
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    Full Platinum Paperwork

Plus The Following Bonus Items

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    Full Access To The Pressure Point Fighting Course - $804.00 Value
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    Full Access To The Pressure Point Defensive Tactics Course - $697.00 Value
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    Full Access To The Pressure Point Black Belt Course - $3997.00 Value
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    Access To Private Facebook Group
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    Platinum Members Only Webinars
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    FREE OCFM Registration - 1st year - $1000.00 Value
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    Enrol A Training Buddy FREE OF CHARGE - $1000.00 Value

The above Bonus Items have a TRUE VALUE Of Over $7500.00
And You Will Receive Them FREE OF CHARGE

The Platinum Training Program
Has Been Reduced From $4995.00 Down To Only $2495.00

REMEMBER: This is a Training Program with NO TIME LIMIT. 

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