Fast Track At My Gym

Training Information

Duration: 1-2 Weeks

Training Times: 4 Hours Per Day The training will be tailored to your Groups specific needs.

We will arrange ALL TRAINING REQUIREMENTS before you arrive.

Training can be adjusted as your group progesses.

Nothing will be left to chance.

The Package

Choose the training program – PPFC, PPDT, Platinum or even a tailor made approach for Fighters

  • Up to 10 people in your group allowed
  • One simple payment covers the whole group
  • Become fully certified Coaches
  • Take your Martial Arts to the next level
  • Intensive, absorbing, challenging and the ultimate way to train


Training Fees

  • One Week – $10,000.00
  • Two Weeks – $20,000.00
  • Training Times – 4 Hours Per Day – Usually 10-12 and 12.30 to 14.30. This can be changed as per Group requests.

The training fee is the same for one person or for a group. So, for example the TOTAL training fee for ONE PERSON for ONE WEEK is $10,000.00.

The TOTAL training fee for A GROUP OF TEN People for ONE WEEK is $10,000.00..

It is the TOTAL TIME that is charged and not the amount of people.

What Is Included?

  • All training for the duration of the booked period
  • Every DVD Set (One Copy Per Group)
  • Certification – If required level is reached


What is NOT included?

  • Travel to and from my Location
  • Accommodation and food etc
  • Any other additional expenses you may occur


Additional Information

How much will it cost for a week of living?

That depends entirely on how you want to live during your non-training time. Accommodation here can vary greatly. You can pay anything from 3 bucks a night for a bed in a hostel full of cockroaches, backpackers and a fan if you are lucky. Or, you can get a real decent hotel with all modern amenities for as little as 25 bucks a night. For UK people it would be the equivalent of a Travel Inn.. that kind of quality You can also go very upmarket and spend 100-150 bucks a night on a full on 5 star resort place.



Eating out is great value. Expect to pay anywhere from 4-12 bucks for a great meal – western type and extremely good.



If you wanna booze it up, there is plenty of nightlife here – expect to pay from .50 to 1.50 USD for a large beer and about 3.50 for a spirit with mixer. Lots of happy hours and 24hr bars.



Getting to and from training is gonna be fun. Everyone uses a Tuk-Tuk which will easily accommodate 4 Foreigners in relative comfort. The prices depend on distance and your gullibility. Expect to pay about 2-4 Dollars in TOTAL for each trip, depending on how far away you are. Get a good driver and he will pick up every day and come back and get you for just a few bucks.


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