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Certified Coaches

What is a Russell Stutely Certified Coach?

A Certified Coach is one that has trained extensively in our Systems and has proven Technical and Teaching ability commensurate with the level required to be graded within that system.

There are 3 types of Coach / Instructor

Pressure Point Fighting Course – PPFC Instructor

There is one level of Instructor in this course. You either pass or you do not. When you pass you have Instructor status.

Pressure Point Defensive Tactics Course – PPDT Level 1, 3 and 5

There are 3 levels of Instructor in the PPDT Course.

  1. Level 1 can teach Locally and grade up to Level 1 Instructor with approval from Level 3 or above
  2. Level 3 can teach Nationally and grade up to Level 1 Instructor and Level 2 pre-Instructor
  3. Level 5 can Teach Internationally and also grade up to Level 3 Instructor

The Platinum Training Program – OCFM Coach – The most prestigious Coaching title in the Pressure Point World.

There are 6 levels of OCFM Coach

  1. Coach In Training – When you join the Course you become a Coach in training
  2. Coach – The first Coaching level achieved after completing the Platinum Program
  3. County Coach – This is awarded on MERIT Only. Nothing to do with time served or anything like that.
  4. Area Coach – Again this is awarded on MERIT Only
  5. National Coach – This is awarded on MERIT and MUST be approved by at least 3 International Coaches
  6. International Coach – This is awarded on MERIT and MUST be approved by all the existing International Coaches

Each Coaching / Instructor Certificate is valid for either 1 or 2 years only.

ANY COACH / INSTRUCTOR who does not continue with their own training during this period and maintain their own Coaching standards could have their Certification withdrawn and have to re-test at whatever level they are.

Our standards are extremely high.

Our primary concern is that of the Coaching level. It is this level that is fixed. The timescale to get to that level is the variable.

In other words, just because you enrol on a Course, it does not mean that you will qualify because you have spent x amount of time or x amount of cash.

Only your ability matters.

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