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John Burke

Started training in 1981, finally started to make sense of  the martial arts after encountering Russell Stutely. These days I teach Karate full-time and have authored 5 books and over 50 DVDs of practical applications to this art that I love. I teach in Devon, but also in seminars where-ever I am invited. I have taught in the UK, Europe, and Japan. I teach people from various styles of Karate, as the principles that bind us are stronger than the politics that drive us apart. Aiki and Jujutsu people also attend our seminars – even if you don’t do kata you’re going to train in some nice techniques. Have a look at for a taste of what I teach, and if you like what you see then give us a call to discuss your requirements More info: Seminars are by arrangement, usually a Saturday, Sunday, or the whole weekend. If more than 4 hours travel from Devon I will require accommodation, too. We will cover subjects of your choice, but usually principles of Kata Bunkai.

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Jason L. Winget 7th Dan Budo Taijutsu Self Defense Expert Owner: OCFM-Ada Head Instructor: WNPS Dojo
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