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Beyond The Marathon

Beyond the Marathon by Malcolm Campbell In 1985 I travelled all over the world running, talking (and drinking) and this was probably the fittest year of my life. In this year I took part and completed 5502 miles of competition. This mileage adding to my training runs did not make me the fittest man in […]

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How We Train

Just an idea of what a ”normal” training week is like. Each week is different, but certain core elements remain: Boxing and Fitness. It is always a good idea to have a plane for what you want to achieve over a certain time period… AND train for it! Remember: We are ALWAYS learning. We DO […]

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One Secret: How Pressure Points Work

For those who understand Pressure Points, you know how vital this information is. For those that do not understand, it is vital! Play with the principles shown within your own techniques. You will find these opposites and quadrants MASSIVELY increase your effectiveness. PLUS, you will begin to discover the Points are ”lining themselves up for […]

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Video Newsletter February 2017

Want to know more about Training Camps? Have a look here <<< Click This Link What is Included The Pressure Point Basic Course​ Pressure Point Black Belt Course Instant Access Full Downloads Full Lesson Plans Full analysis and critique Full Support Become Certified Police Combatives Black Belt Certification Over 300 Lessons Member Forum $1500 of […]

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