Who Else Wants To Host A Seminar With Russell Stutely?

Your chance to see Pressure Point Fighting how it should be done. 

Take your skills to new levels within hours.

Was $3500 Now Only $1000 for the first 10 Hosts.


​''I guarantee that this Seminar will help you to generate the best Martial Arts skills and that you will learn more in 4 hours, than you ever thought possible.''

Russell Stutely
World Leader - Pressure Point Fighting



Yes, that is right, you will be given a massive amount of information that you can take and apply.


No travelling involved. I come to your Gym / Dojo / Dojang. This is ONLY For USA School Owners.


This is for real action takers. As such their will be a STRICT limit on who I work with.


Schools are reporting a huge upsurge in student retention and NEW Enrolments.

"Russell Stutely is THE MAN to teach Pressure Points to any and all styles of Martial Arts. His methods have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for my personal clients."

The Martial Arts Success Guy

​More Information

As a Coach, it is my duty to teach in a responsible manner and as such I will ENSURE that the information you receive will be of the highest possible quality.

The information presented will follow my fundamental criteria:

  • Easy to understand - I use generic English terminology for points and techniques, ensuring that EVERYONE knows exactly what I am talking about - In other words - No esoteric mumbo jumbo
  • Easy to learn - I break everything down into simple ''bite-size'' chunks of information, adding to the previous information as we go along. This method ''cements'' the learning process for all attendees, regardless of experience and ability.
  • Easy to apply - Due to the above proven methods, everything you learn, will be far easier to apply than you could ever have imagined. You will not be learning a new system, you will be refining that which you already know, to the highest possible levels.
  • Easy to teach - These methods are so incredibly effective, that you will be able to teach them to others in an instant.

As a Seminar Host, you have the choice of the Seminar type that you would prefer.

This can be ''tailor-made'' for you own School.

The main topics being:

  • General Pressure Point Seminar - Includes an introduction to Pressure Points, Players to The Game, Power Generation and how to apply those to Sports Fighting and Self Defense.
  • Kata / Forms / Patterns Analysis - How the use of Points and Players makes your Kata / Forms / Patterns actually have real meaning. Those obscure moves are detailed standing / floor grappling, locks, takedowns, throws etc that can be utilised in the sporting arena or more importantly for self defense.
  • Sports Fighting - How the use of Points, Players and Extreme Power generation can be utilised for sports combat. Make your locks excruciating and easier to apply, make your strikes so impactive that you can take out people several weight categories above with one hit - and much more.
  • Pressure Point Instructor Seminar - Become a Pressure Point instructor and teach this information within your own school
  • Pressure Point Defensive Tactics - Learn the EXACT system that is required learning at nearly 100 Police Academies. Be certified to teach this information locally, Nationally and even Internationally.
  • Tailor-Made - You tell me exactly what you want to work on and that is what we will do

Seminar expenses:

Expenses are ONLY payable if you are more that 300ish miles from Las Vegas.

Around that figure I can drive to your location and back without issue. Much more than that may well entail a flight etc.

In that case the expenses would be the cost of getting to and from your Location and Hotel accommodation etc whilst there.

You would be expected to arrange transport to and from the Airport and also from the Hotel to your location.

Hosting a Seminar - FAQ

My School is NOT in the USA - Can I book a Seminar?

How much are the expenses?

Can I book a regular schedule of Seminars?

Will you advertise the Seminar on your email?

Do you provide sample posters etc?

We are a BJJ / Grappling  type school. Do PP's work for us?

I want to book a Seminar, but I am unsure of the exact dates yet. 

So I will book now, pay a deposit and arrange the dates later directly with Russell.

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