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Beyond The Marathon

Beyond the Marathon by Malcolm Campbell In 1985 I travelled all over the world running, talking (and drinking) and this was probably the fittest year of my life. In this year I took part and completed 5502 miles of competition. This mileage adding to my training runs did not make me the fittest man in […]

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12 UK Training Weekend Review

First of all, I have to say it was a fantastic weekend of training with some great people.EVERYONE worked so hard and put everything into the training.That is the main reason that it was such a success.There was a complete mixed bag of attendees from all styles of Martial Arts, Professional Fighters, Doormen etc etc.All […]

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How We Train

Just an idea of what a ”normal” training week is like. Each week is different, but certain core elements remain: Boxing and Fitness. It is always a good idea to have a plane for what you want to achieve over a certain time period… AND train for it! Remember: We are ALWAYS learning. We DO […]

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