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An Easier Way To Improve Your Martial Arts

If you could benefit from getting more power in each and every strike and at the same time learning where to strike for the best effect, massively increase the power in your takedowns and make locks more excruciating than ever before, then you need to keep reading.

My Pressure Point Courses are changing lives, all over the World!

To paraphrase Ali “It ain’t bragging, if you can back it up!”


  • Worlds Leading Pressure Point Coach
  • OCFM International Coach
  • PPDT International Instructor
  • Cop Tactics Master Instructor
  • 6th Dan Shotokan
  • 4th Dan Kick Boxing
  • Fight Trainer
  • Produced Over 60 Best Selling Instructional DVD’s
  • The most sought after Pressure Point Coach on the Planet
  • Martial Arts Hall Of Fame
  • Combat Hall Of Fame
  • Instructor Of the Year
  • Front Cover Of Martial Arts Illustrated 4 Times In One Year

I have been involved in Martial Arts practically all my life.

I have been lucky enough to train with and learn from some of the all time greats.

That experience and my REAL WORLD experience with Cops and Elite units all over the World has enabled me to KNOW and UNDERSTAND exactly what does and does not work.

I teach in a simple, clear, concise and easy to understand method.

No esoteric mumbo jumbo.

Only plain, simple and easy to understand English.

This way, YOU get the most benefit from what I have to offer.

Teaching this material correctly is my PASSION

My Training Courses

Pressure Point Fighting Course

My Pressure Point Fighting Course is not about sport, it is not about Martial Arts Ceremony and it is not about a MMA Fight! It is, quite simply, the best Pressure Point for REAL Fighting training on the Planet! My system has been saving lives of Police Officers, Security Officers and people just like you for over 15 years! I can tell you now, THIS INFORMATION is what they really like and what they can really use.

Pressure Point Defensive Tactics

We are all only too aware of the bad press that the police have received over the last year or so. This course has been designed to negate all of those problems. It is witness friendly, CCTV friendly, Courtroom friendly. Most of all it is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE and ensures Officer safety at all times and yet at the same time will keep the offender subdued and unharmed. Teach this locally, Nationally and even Internationally.

The Platinum Training Program

The now World famous Platinum Training Program is seen as THE BENCHMARK in Pressure Point Training. Over 350 lesson plans, 40+ DVDs, Manuals and much more. Immediate access to me and my team of Coaches around the world. This course will take you to full OCFM Coach status, acknowledged everywhere as the STANDARD to be set in Pressure Point Training.

Changed My Life

Jason Winget

OCFM National Coach

I have known Russell for nearly 20 Years now. I was already a very highly ranked TKD Coach when we met. During this period I have achieved more than I ever thought possible, all thanks to Russell:

  • OCFM International Coach
  • PPDT International Instructor

I am on first name terms with some of the finest Martial Artists in the World. I have appeared on numerous DVD’s, taught Seminars and Courses all over the World. All of this was possible because of Russell. Steve Kelly

OCFM International Coach

I was always very sceptical of all this Pressure Point stuff. I was already a 3 time Grappling Champion, what could Russell show me? How wrong I was! It was obvious from the moment Russell started to teach, that he could help us improve so much! Since that Day, I have taken on as much information as possible and added it all to my Grappling game. Every year I make the long trip to wherever Russell is living at the time, to keep up my training and knowledge base. I urge you to go train with Russell at your earliest opportunity. John Andrews

OCFM National Coach

Martial Artists Helped

Police Forces Using The Information

DVDs Sold and Counting

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