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Pressure Point Fighting

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  • Self Defense, Law Enforcement, Martial Arts & Combat Sports

Before we go any further let me introduce myself:

My name is Russell Stutely and I have been involved in Martial Arts and Self Defense practically all my life.

I hold Black Belts in various systems and have competed in many full contact sporting events.

I have done private security work, debt collection and been involved in the odd ”situation” in various bars and Clubs all over the World!

Achievements And Qualifications:

  • World Leader Pressure Point Fighting
  • OCFM International coach
  • PPDT International Instructor
  • Cop-Tactics Master Instructor
  • 6th Dan Shotokan Karate
  • 4th Dan Ryukyu Kempo Karate
  • Boxing Coach
  • Fight Trainer
  • The ”Goto Guy” for most Self Defense Gurus
  • Expert Witness for Police and Security
  • Combat Hall of Fame
  • Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • Dozens of Raving Testimonials from Law Enforcement, FBI, Security, Undercover Police, Combat Sportsmen, Martial Artists and people just like you!


“Changed My Life”

stevekellyI have trained with Russell for some 20 Years now. I started as a complete beginner to Pressure Points. Now I teach Internationally, have featured on many DVDs and am on first name terms with some of the Worlds greatest Martial Artists. This is all because of Russell.

- Steve Kelly
OCFM International Coach


I have dedicated my life to creating the ultimate in true Pressure Point Fighting training.

My Pressure Point courses are quite simply the best available on the Planet.

Pressure Point Fighting Course Pressure Point Defensive Tactics Platinum Training Program

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    Russell Stutely is the World Leader of Pressure Point Fighting.
    His products are distributed all over the World and he is constant demand for Seminars, Workshops and Courses for the Police, Security, Corporate and Martial Artists.
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