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What Our Customers Are Saying

I have trained with Russell for some 20 Years now. I started as a complete beginner to Pressure Points. Now I teach Internationally, have featured on many DVDs and am on first name terms with some of the Worlds greatest Martial Artists. This is all because of Russell.
Steve KellyOCFM International Coach
I took a long time to decide to join up with Russell and his online training course. After so many years in the Martial Arts, I thought I had seen it all. How pleased was I when I made that jump!! All of a sudden so many unanswered questions were answered in just a few minutes. Training with Russell is a unique and painful pleasure.
Jason WingetOCFM National Coach (USA)
As a former 3 Time European Heavyweight Grappling Champion, I know what does and does not work. Let me tell you now.. Pressure Points the way Russell teaches are simply a MUST KNOW for all Grapplers. Take your game to a whole new level with Russell's easy to follow Instruction.
John AndrewsOCFM International Coach
As a former British, Commonwealth and European Champion at Light-Middle, Middle and Super-Middleweight. A 3 time try at World Champion. I know a thing or two about Combat Sports and Power generation. Let me tell you now... YOU NEED to learn from Russell. His ability to pass on this knowledge to others is unsurpassed.
Herol Bomber GrahamOCFM International Boxing Coach

The Most DEVASTATING and EFFECTIVE Pressure Point Training Courses

There is nothing else like it
Before we go any further let me introduce myself:
My name is Russell Stutely and I have been involved in Martial Arts and Self Defense practically all my life.
I hold Black Belts in various systems and have competed in many full contact sporting events.
I have done private security work, debt collection and been involved in the odd ”situation” in various bars and Clubs all over the World!
  • World Leader Pressure Point Fighting
  • OCFM International coach
  • PPDT International Instructor
  • Cop-Tactics Master Instructor
  • The ''Goto Guy'' for most Self Defense Gurus
  • Expert Witness for Police and Security
  • Boxing Coach and Fight Trainer
  • Dozens of Raving Testimonials from Law Enforcement, FBI, Security, Undercover Police, Combat Sportsmen, Martial Artists and people just like you!
My Pressure Point Fighting Course is not about sport, it is not about Martial Arts Ceremony and it is not about a MMA Fight!
It is, quite simply, the best Pressure Point for REAL Fighting training on the Planet!
My system has been saving lives of Police Officers, Security Officers and people just like you for over 15 years!
I know that by reading this you want the very best.
I have been involved in Martial Arts pretty much all my life.
I have met with, trained with and am friends with some of the greatest names out there in their respective fields.
I can tell you now THIS INFORMATION is what they really like and what they can really use.
Adding this information to their own Art has transformed it!
What about an MMA Guy?… Some people ask.

So what is my usual reply… listen, the top sports fighters in any combat sport are TOUGH TOUGH Guys who could beat most anyone on the street EASILY… As long as that guy on the street plays by their rules!
  • FACT: MMA is a SPORT
  • FACT: A sport has RULES and a nice soft mat
  • FACT: There are NO RULES on the street and NO Mats - It's HARD concrete
These are facts you cannot argue with.
I am the first to admit that a tough, conditioned and trained combat athlete has the potential to be one of your worst nightmares in a real fight.
But you know what? You can be their worst nightmare too!
Just imagine what it will feel like to KNOW that you can hit HARDER than a Professional Fighter outweighing you by up to 75lbs.
Just imagine how confident you will feel when you know EXACTLY where to strike for the MAXIMUM effect – sending the thug crashing to the floor unconscious.
Utilising the principles in my system you will learn how to beat these guys.
With extremely nasty, evil and life-changing techniques that are simply not trained for in a sporting Gym.

I KNOW this… I train professional fighters!
This amazing material has been incorporated into a STEP – BY – STEP follow along online Course.

You will be guided EVERY step of the way. Nothing has been left to chance.

My team of Coaches around the World are on hand to offer help, advice, guidance and to critique your lesson plans online.

Then as you pass each level, you will immediately have access to the next lesson plan.

At the end you will receive a certificate of completion and can be registered as one of my World Recognised Pressure Point Instructors.

Remember: I am not a belt factory.

I know there are many organisations out there who are willing to make people an Instructor for a few bucks. That ain’t never going to happen with me.
If you make the grade with me, then you KNOW that you have earned it.


You my friend should be the next Pressure Point Fighting Instructor in Ashburn and join our growing Family of Coaches in the United States and around the World.

The best time for you to have joined was 12 Months ago, the next best time is right now!

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  • Balance Points
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  • The Feet

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Instant Enrolment On The Course

Instant Enrolment On The Course

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Become An Instructor

Become An Instructor

$1000.00 of FREE Bonus Items

$1000.00 of FREE Bonus Items

$1000.00 of FREE Bonus Items




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Hard Copies and Full Downloads In Last Month

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